OFFICIAL FC Noah changes the vector of development

FC Noah changes the vector of development

Football club Noah is always committed to the rules of Fair play: we have always been open and honest in front of the team, fans and ourselves. We are proud of our achievements and we are not afraid to talk about problems, if there’s any. Now the moment has come for the future development of the club that requires to change the vector of the club.
Such a reform presupposes a leading emphasis on the development of Noah Academy, recruiting the main team with promising young players and a desire to give young Armenian footballers a ticket to big football.
Such optimization will allow to direct all our forces and resources to the development of young talents, to the Noah Academy, to the new advanced methods and technologies.
Thus, we lay the foundation for the long-term development of the club.
This means that in the near future, all tournament tasks will recede into the background. We will return to the fight for titles, to the European Cup challenges, when we will bring up a new generation of talented guys. We will inform about this additionally. We are sure that this will happen faster than you might expect.

“We think it is right to honestly announce the change of course right now, before the start of the season, to not mislead anyone and to prevent the inevitable speculation in such cases. Logic and common sense prompted us to change the vector, as well as a number of factors. We are confident that in the new concept we will be able to repeat the success achieved over the past two years. The most important thing is that we want to build a future, ” mentioned FC Noah’s President Roman Gevorkyan.
We would like to thank Dmitry Gunko, his assistants Dmitry Kudryashov, Nikolai Tyunin, as well as the permanent leaders of the team Vladislav Kryuchkov, Valerio Vimercati, Vladimir Azarov, Mikhail Kovalenko, as well as the rest of our players with whom cooperation has ended: Helistano Manga, Alan Tataev, Kirill Bor, Yuri Geraginyan. Thank you all for working hard together. You have done a lot for the club. Good luck with your new teams!

We are opening a new chapter in Noah's story!

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