NOAH Holding becomes shareholder of Paris FC!

NOAH Holding becomes shareholder of Paris FC!
NOAH Holding is pleased to announce the successful completion of negotiations, as a result of which NOAH has become a shareholder of French Ligue 2 club Paris FC. The president of the holding Roman Gevorkyan has joined the board of directors of the team.
"We believe that this important deal is another significant step towards realizing the ambitious goals that our holding has set for itself," says Roman Gevorkyan, President of NOAH Holding.

Paris were founded in 1969, until the mid 70's Jean Djorkaeff, world champion Youri Djorkaeff’s father played for the club. Paris FC has a good infrastructure and an excellent academy, and, most importantly, ambitions to break into the strongest football league in France.
The NOAH holding includes FC Noah Yerevan and Italian ACN Siena.

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