About Noah Academy

Since the day of its establishment, Noah has an aim to promote the popularization of football in Armenia and the development of youth football. One of our priorities is to create a unique Noah football academy that meets the highest and modern sport standards, which will attract talented young Armenian football players from Armenia and the Diaspora.

Some work has already been done in this direction. We managed to organize meetings with the directors of the leading European football academies, representatives of international agencies, heads of youth coaching departments, as well as with coaches in Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. An exclusive cooperation agreement has also been reached with FC Köln, which will be directly involved in the development of the philosophy and concept of the future Academy of Noah.

At Noah Academy, the emphasis will be on enhancing the team spirit and showing an individual approach to each player. This will ensure the success of both young and experienced players. Along with enabling academy students to play in Noa's youth teams, the primary goal is not only to achieve results, but also to improve the individual qualities of young players.

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